Friday, January 30, 2009

Painting At Mee-Ma's!

My Mom has lots of fun art supplies that Connor
gets to use when we go there. He was painting and
of course, managed to get BLACK paint all over his
hands. He proceeded to put a finger in his mouth
and then rub his eye. Here's what we got!

So silly.

The Stockshow!

Every January, The National Western Stockshow
comes to Denver and it has always been a tradition
for my family to go. I haven't been in a while so
it was fun to go this year and bring Connor!

Stare-down with a goat in the petting zoo.

Feeding the goats, who actually get sort of aggressive
when they see you have food!

Connor with my Mom and Dad.

Dad testing out this cool ride:)

Connor doing the same.

I ended up having to ride the little train WITH him.

The car he started out in.

Petting a calf.

Petting a pig.

The little prince getting a lift up the stairs!!

The Park

We went to the park to let Connor give his new bike
a good breaking-in and to have some fun on
the playground too...

In the tunnel...

Up the stairs...

On the bridge...

In the swing...

With his bike and his Daddy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Headin' Out

Laura came to visit us last weekend and as we
were getting ready to go somewhere, Connor
grabbed her purse and water and was saying
"Bye-bye" to us! He even had the purse over
his shoulder, but I missed that shot:)


I just had to take advantage of my poor child's
CRAZY hair after his nap and take a few pics...

Sticker Boy!

I gave Connor a sheet of stickers and a piece of
paper. I think ONE sticker went on the paper and,
well, the rest of them...

Pretty cute!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Yes it's cold, sometimes inconvenient, and very different
from Phoenix, but we are LOVING the snow! It snowed
almost every day the week of Christmas. It was so
beautiful and festive! We are trying to take advantage
of it and get out as much as possible. Connor is enjoying
it too. These were on Christmas day, we took him out in his
new sled.

Snow time!

Chris's FIRST snowman ever!!!


Our family:)

Daddy pulling Connor.


We had a wonderful, white Christmas this year.
My family came over, minus Austin and Laura, due
to the weather. We missed them greatly. It was nice
to just be home and not have to haul Connor all over
the place. He got spoiled, but I guess that's how it's
supposed to be:) He was excited to open each and
every present he received. We have such generous

Riding the BIG truck from Great Grandpa Budd.

Snuggling in the beautiful quilt Grandma Karen made for him.

Trying out his new sled form Uncle Brett.

And "Oh Wow!" A new bike form G and G Ellis!

My Mom and Dad:)