Friday, April 9, 2010

A Busy Day For The Birthday Boy

Connor had a whirlwind day to celebrate turning 3.
We started off painting pottery, and made him a birthday
plate. The lady even gave him a little dinosaur to paint
as a birthday gift.

Working on his plate.

He was actually more interested in playing with this
little doggie, Sadie, whose owner runs the store:)

Chris got off work a little early so we headed
to the park so Connor could try out the new
scooter his Grammy and Grandpa Ellis gave him.
He loved it and rode the entire way around the park,
which is far!

Taking a much needed break.

Cora at the park:)

Cora playing with Daddy

Afterwords, we went to Red Robin for dinner. They
sang Connor a birthday song and gave him this
delicious treat! Mmmmm.
Ice Skating!
Connor absolutely loves ice hockey and tells us all the
time that he is going to play when he gets bigger. Well,
we finally took the first step towards that goal and took
him ice skating! He was stoked to have his skates on, but
once he hit the ice he freaked out a bit because it was "too
slippery!!!" We finally got him out there, practically carrying
him by his arms the whole way around. But by the end of our
time he was pushing a cone around pretty much supporting
himself! We were so proud of him for facing his fear and
sticking with it.

Checking out his skates

Cora even got to come out in a little sled!

Chris helping Connor around

And by the end, pushing the cone!!!

Here we all are. A great end to a great day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Connor Is 3 Today!!!

We can't believe our little man is three years old today.
Time is just flying by. Connor is so grown up now, so very
independent. He makes us laugh every day. We can't wait
to see what adventures this next year will take him on!

Happy Birthday Connor Lee!

His special number 3 pancake this morning

We love you so much!

Cora Grace

Just had to throw a few pics of the little
princess in...

Bath time!

Silly face I caught this morning.

After bath, so snuggly.

I catch Cora with her binky in upside down all the
time! I think she prefers it that way!

And again! Silly girl:)

Connor's 3rd Birthday Party!

We celebrated Connor's Birthday with his friends last
weekend. He talked about his party for weeks ahead of time...
the balloons, the friends, the Happy Birthday song, and his
"Mater Cake." It all finally came to be and he was super excited
about it and we all had a lot of fun.

Connor and his best little buddy, Nick.

Ella and Braeleigh having some cake.

The "Mater Cake" (from the movie "Cars")

Blowing out his candle

That must have been some gooood cake!

Birthday Boy!

Surrounded by and enjoying all his gifts! What a lucky

Coloring Eggs

Decorating eggs this year was fun because Connor
could really help out.

In they go...


Connor's eggs, all done.


We had a nice Easter here at home this year. The
Easter Bunny came, we had a big breakfast, went to
church, and then our good friends, the Stock's, came for
dinner. Here is Connor, Easter morning. Don't mind the
swim suit get-up... that is his outfit of choice every morning
right now. (Pick your battles, right?!)

Finding Cora's basket for her.

Digging into his basket!

Finding eggs out back.

Look at all those eggs!

Showing off the loot

Here we are, all dressed up before church. Chris and
I decided that we need to dress up more often, because
when Connor got his fancy clothes on, and then saw me
in my dress he said "Mom, are we going to get married?"
Then Chris came out dressed up and Connor said "Now
are you and Daddy going to get married?" So funny!

We even managed to get a decent one of the kiddos:)

Pretty girl, playing before church:)

Here we are on a walk later that day. Cora is so grumpy
if she doesn't have her shades on. I think the light is
just too bright for her, or maybe she just likes to be
a little star-let!

Connor practicing on his new bike that G and G
Ellis gave him for his B-Day.