Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too Big For The Boat!

This one explains itself:)

Heading Home

We hit some weather and made a few stops in Moab
on our way home. Here's the rest of our journey...

Connor put his own hat on... so funny!

Just outside of Cortez, CO

Beautiful mountains

A chunk of ice we kicked off of our car!!!

Connor and Daddy in Moab

Connor's first steps in the snow! He did NOT like
that it made his shoes dirty!

So cute:)

Looking at the river with Daddy

More from Durango

We woke up to a couple new inches of snow, which
made the little mountain town of Durango even more
beautiful. We decided to take some time to explore
the downtown area before heading home...

Connor peeking out of the armoir at the hotel.

Helping Daddy clean off the car.

Visiting the train one last time!

Mommy and Connor

Chris and me:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Durango and The Polar Express!

Connor is so into trains and we knew he would
probably enjoy riding on one. The perfect opportunity
came when our friends, the MacAskill's, invited us to
go to Durango with them and ride the "Polar Express."
If you don't know what that is, there is a famous children's
book called "The Polar Express" and many of the small
towns with a train do themed rides during the Christmas
season that follow the book.

As you can imagine, it was a little crazy, with hundreds of kids
and their parents all waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for
the train to arrive, but overall it was super fun and Connor
LOVED seeing the choo-choo so up close. It is a memory we will
always cherish.

It was also fun to be in Durango. I have soooo many pictures
I want to share that I am going to have to do them
in sections:) I hope you enjoy, and that you and your family
are having as much fun as we are getting in the Spirit of

On our way to Durango, snuggling with blankies.

At the train station.

Connor and Chris, waiting for the train.

The MacAskill family!

Connor on the train!

Santa, giving out jingle bells.

Connor and his reaction to Santa. He would not
even look in Santa's direction!!

Mommy and Connor on the train.

Connor being silly at the hotel with the ice bucket
on his head.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Parade Of Lights

We went to the Parade of Lights this weekend
with our friends Tony, Nicole, and Ella. It was
so fun... not too cold and the kids LOVED it! We
were all bundled and drank hot apple cider; a
perfect holiday outing:)

Connor and his Daddy

Ella and Connor

Connor got a candy cane!

This one is for Grandpa Mike- yay Wagner Rents!

One of the best floats

Friday, December 5, 2008


Chris got some cute pictures of Connor snuggling
with the Broncos blanket...

Dinner With Friends

We recently found out that Chris's freshman college
roommate, and his wife and son, live right here in our
little town! Small world! And their little guy, Nick, is
just a month younger than Connor! We've been able
to get together with them a few times which has been
great. Nick and Connor are truly two peas in a pod. We
were so happy to find another little boy who is as wild and
crazy and busy and silly as Connor. They play so well
together and really wear each other out!! Here they are
at the Olive Garden...

Sharing crayons...

Connor, tasting crayon...

And the huge mess they left. The picture does it
no justice!


We had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year at our house.
Some friends came over and I made my first turkey!
It was ok, but I think we both missed the big family
celebrations, and oh ya, having our Mom's do all the
work... maybe next year:)

Me and Christopher...

Here it is. The turkey turned out quite well if I
might say so myself;)

Mommy and Connor on Turkey Day.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Visit to Great-Grandpa's

While we were in Denver we were able to spend an afternoon
down at my Grandpa Paul's. There is so much to do there. It
was a great day and always wonderful to see my Grandpa!!!

Looking at the funny horse with Mee-maw.

Of course, riding one of Great-grandpa's tractors.

Walking by the creek.

I especially love this picture.

Connor, Mommy and Great-Grandpa Paul.

Feeding the chickens some corn.

Riding on a little horse rocker Grandpa fixed up for Connor.

Gettin' into Great-grandpa's pocket!!

Peanut Butter Face

Just some silly pictures of Connor's messy
peanut butter face...

At Work With Grandpa Mike

Connor and I went to Denver last week to see my
family and on the way we stopped by my Dad's work.
Connor is all about tractors right now, so the truck
yard was like his little heaven!

Wow! Check this out, Mom!

Connor and his Grandpa.

Getting to try one out... so fun!