Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Time!!

Connor and I went to the pumpkin patch on Friday
with my MOPS group. It was beautiful out and Connor
was amazed that there were so many pumpkins
around. He wanted to walk around and check them
out, but it was a little hard with his cast on the
dusty, uneven ground. I let him go a bit and here
are some of the pics...

BIG pumpkin!

Mommy and Connor

Gettin' around

Here's the pumpkin we got.

Tasting a clod of dirt... mmm!

Caught Red-Handed!

The other day, Connor had gotten my wallet out
of my bag and proceeded to pull everything out.
He was very quiet and fast about it, but after I
caught him, he kindly started handing everything
back to me:)

Sneaky, sneaky...

Oh, here Mom...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Connor Update

Connor is doing GREAT! It has been three weeks
since he broke his leg. We had another x-ray about
a week and a half ago, and everything was healing
just fine. Friday we took him to get his cast reinforced
because it getting soft on the bottom of his foot. Now
he has an appointment on the 29th to hopefully get it
off. He'll probably just need a little splint until he gets
used to walking on it again. I have a feeling that won't
take long:)
And yes, he has figured out how to walk on the darn thing,
so he's pretty much himself, just a bit slower for now. Chris
and I are doing fine as the caretakers, baths are the biggest
challenge, and we do get a little nervous because he is even
more off balance walking around now. But we are so proud
of him and we will be counting down the days!!!!

Getting a fresh layer of cast at the doctors office.

Still riding his quad....

Cuddling on the couch...

Still climbing on the table...

Still running from us at the Mesa football game...

See, he's fine ;)

Third Day Concert

We went over to Denver last weekend to go to the
Third Day concert, one of our most favorite bands!
They were there with Jars of Clay and Switchfoot.
It was a great concert, we went with Austin and Laura
and also met our friends Matt and Kalisa there.

Check out the band at

The only bad part about it was that we had to drive all
the way home afterwards because Chris had to
be at work Monday morning! We made it back
around 3 am and I think we're still recovering:)

Lead singer Mac Powell

Chris, Matt, Austin, and Laura

Kalisa and me:)

Us after the show.

Oh, and thanks Grandma and Grandpa Clark for
watching Connor Lee!!

Fun Halloween Craft

My friend Jennifer had this little ghost craft on her blog

and it looked easy enough, so I tried it. It was easy and

a super cute and fun decoration. Connor couldn't really

help with it, but if your kids are a little older it would be

a fun activity... cheap too!! You can make them smaller to

hang or bigger to sit on a table. Check out Jennifer's blog

for all the instructions.

Thanks Jennifer, Happy Haunting:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Check This Out...

My brother's girlfriend , Laura, showed me this awesome
little trick to get an address/phone # from your cell phone.
I had to pass it on because I just think it's the greatest thing!!
It's called "Google Text" and all you do is send a text message
with the name of the place you are looking for, and the city and
state it is in to "googl" (46645) and within seconds, it sends
back the address and phone number. The best thing is that
it is free (besides regular text fee); much cheaper and faster than
dialing 411. Try it!! You'll be addicted and have to save it in your
"contacts" like Laura and me:)