Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Visit to Great-Grandpa's

While we were in Denver we were able to spend an afternoon
down at my Grandpa Paul's. There is so much to do there. It
was a great day and always wonderful to see my Grandpa!!!

Looking at the funny horse with Mee-maw.

Of course, riding one of Great-grandpa's tractors.

Walking by the creek.

I especially love this picture.

Connor, Mommy and Great-Grandpa Paul.

Feeding the chickens some corn.

Riding on a little horse rocker Grandpa fixed up for Connor.

Gettin' into Great-grandpa's pocket!!

Peanut Butter Face

Just some silly pictures of Connor's messy
peanut butter face...

At Work With Grandpa Mike

Connor and I went to Denver last week to see my
family and on the way we stopped by my Dad's work.
Connor is all about tractors right now, so the truck
yard was like his little heaven!

Wow! Check this out, Mom!

Connor and his Grandpa.

Getting to try one out... so fun!


Connor and I go to a little "music" class on Mondays called
KinderMusik. It started a little rocky because he just
wanted to run around and do his own thing, but we stuck
with it and he is getting better at listening and following
directions with each class. He loves to go and it's fun for me

Here he is before class started.

Waiting to see what was in the box.

"Scrubbing" the mirror.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I totally forgot to mention that as of last Wednesday,
Connor is completely FREE of his cast!! We are so glad,
I'm sure he is too. He's doing fine, running, jumping, etc.
His foot is still turned out a bit, but we know it will be back
to normal in no time. Thanks for all the thoughts and

Look At That Face!!

We have the hardest time getting any decent picture of
Connor because he usually won't look at the camera, let
alone give us a smile. This was the first time he has ever
sat and made a face for me, it was great!! He had made
this little fort for himself on our bed, I guess he was pretty
proud of it!


Mommy's Helper

One day when I was unloading the dishwasher, Connor
came over and started "helping" me put the silverware
away. He can't really see where it is going, so everything
just ends up in a big pile. I don't mind though, it's pretty
funny and that's his little job now.

Don't worry, no knives:)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Homemade Applesauce

I needed a fruit dish for my MOPS group and I wanted
to try something different, so I made an attempt at homemade
applesauce. It turned out great and was pretty easy to do.
Peeling the apples was the hardest part. It's a fun, festive
fall treat, so I thought I'd share the recipe. Hope you give it
a try!!

8-10 apples, cored and chunked.
*I peeled all but a few. I don't like the skins that
much, but if you leave some of the darker ones
on, it gives a nice color. Use a variety of apples
for the best flavor.
1/2 C. water
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 C. sugar, white and/or brown
*I used both
Cook in crockpot, on low, approx. 8 hrs.

Ready to cook

After about an hour. Even at this stage they would
be a yummy treat/topping.

The finished product! Yum!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here are some pics from Halloween. Chris's
Mom was able to be here this week and go
trick-or-treating with us! It was fun, Connor
was a pirate, seeing as though he already had
the peg-leg!! Chris and I decided to go to a party
last minute and quickly came up with some
"Trailer-park" outfits, to put it nicely:) Chris really
got into character, I think he missed his calling!!

Gettin' ready. He did not like wearing
a costume. I assured him that kids have
been forced to wear much worse:) He
eventually got over it and was the CUTEST


Ready for trick-or-treating!

Going up to the door with Grammy

Nice ride!

Picking out some candy

Chris and our friend Tony:)

Ma and Pa... oh boy!

It's not over yet...

Well, Connor had his appointment on Wednesday
to determine if his cast was ready to come off. It
did come off for the x-ray, which showed it was
healed up pretty well, just not completely. So he
now has to wear a splint, wrapped with ace bandages
for two more weeks. It's pretty much the same as
the cast for him, but at least I can take it off to
give him a bath!

Getting his x-ray

The cast coming off!!!

The saw was SO loud, but Connor didn't even
flinch. He has been so brave through all of this.

Beautiful Moab

Last weekend we were able to go with Austin and
Laura to Moab, Utah for some camping and quad-riding.
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend
weather-wise. It was so much fun. Connor stayed
with my Mom and Dad so Chris and I could really
enjoy ourselves:)

Austin doing a sweet jump!

Christopher Ray:)

Chris and Linds


The view from our campsite. We just picked a
spot in the desert, it was open pasture with cows
roaming around!

Austin, Laura, and Lindsay

Takin' a break.

Austin and Laura at Gemini Bridges.

Laura, Austin and Lindsay

Me and Chris at Gemini Bridges