Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh No!

When Connor got out of bed this morning,
we found that the poor kid's toes had both
busted out of his jammies! Talk about a growth

Guess it's time to go shopping!


Chris is building Connor a train table for his
birthday, but Connor just couldn't wait to test
it out...


Monday, March 23, 2009

A Big Adventure

On Saturday, Chris decided to take Connor on a
big hike out in Moab to see "Delicate Arch". Chris's
friend Cory and his little guy, Nick, went along. They
ended up having a great time and the boys did great too!
Here are some pictures from the day.

Getting loaded up

Nick and Connor

Sportin' the shades!

Chris, Connor, Nick, and Cory

Navigating some tricky terrain!

Finally at the Arch!

Lunch time!

Connor doing some climbing of his own

Resting on the rocks

Daddy and Connor looking at the Arch

Little Buddies!

Chris got off work a little early and the weather was
so great so we walked down to the park. Connor's
friend Nick was able to meet us there. They always
have so much fun together!

Down the slide

Hangin' on the bars

Just too cute!

Best Bud's!

Connor and Daddy

Steamboat Springs

Last weekend we went to Steamboat and stayed in a big
condo with my whole family. Everyone got to go
snowmobiling (except me and Connor!) and just
enjoy some great time together in a beautiful place.

Here we saw a BALD EAGLE (the one in the middle)
on our way up there! When we first saw him, he was
right near the road so we got a great first look. They
are HUGE, at least 2 feet tall. We felt privileged to see
such a special sight.

Connor getting a lift up to the condo!

Austin and Laura out on the trail.

The gang eating lunch (Chris took the picture)

My Dad, Brett, Austin, and Chris on the mountain.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Read Me!

This is a picture from Super Bowl weekend. Chris,
with our friend's Tony and Nicole's sweet little
girl Ella, and of course Connor Lee. I think this is
a super cute pic, but I'm also posting it so everyone
can get used to the idea of what Chris will look like holding
TWO kiddos....

yes, that's right...

I am....


I'm almost 12 weeks along, due September 22.
A very special day because that was my Grandma's
birthday:) We had our first appointment and
ultrasound and all looks well. Good, strong heartbeat
and baby was kicking and moving all around! I have
been feeling very yucky and look forward to this next
week passing and being done with the first trimester.
We are so excited and continue to pray for a healthy
Mom and Baby! We'll keep ya posted!!