Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Update 2011, Part One

So, I can't believe we are three months into this year already!  The beginning of this year has been fine, nothing too exciting to report.  Chris has kept busy working and teaching at Mesa State, not to mention he is on his way home right now from a 4 day trip to Vegas for his brother's Bachelor Party.  Fun times!  I have been busy keeping us all up and running and entertaining the kids during these long, cold days stuck inside the house.  Most of you know about the website I started, Grand Valley Moms for Moms.  It has been an exciting and successful ride so far and I look forward to what God has planned for me in this venture!  It has been taking up a lot of my time, but I was ready for something like that.
The kids have been great, growing and changing so much every day.  We have mostly been homebodies this winter, besides a recent trip to Steamboat Springs with my family (watch for that in Update part 2!).  April is going to be the start of a VERY busy Spring/Summer with Connor's birthday, a train ride to Kremmling, Scott and Lauren's wedding in Arizona, and looking forward to Austin and Laura's wedding in June!  Hope I can keep up!  Since I had so many pictures to catch up on, I'll break it down into two parts, for my sanity and yours:)  Here's a little of our Jan/Feb 2011!  We love and miss you all!   

Connor Lee

Connor is going to be four in two weeks... yes, FOUR YEARS OLD!!!  I can't believe it.  He is still our wild man.  He loves all kinds of sports, dragons, dirt bikes, monster trucks and snowmobiles.  He is loud and full of energy.  we are happy to have enrolled him in some activities finally!  He started swim lessons in February and he'll start soccer in April.  He is funny as ever, he makes us crack up all the time.  He is still loving preschool and has made some good little buddies there.  Here's Connor!....

Dressed himself in a nice, sporty outfit! LOL!

Time for some t-ball!

Dragon fighting:)

He LOVES puzzles and does them very well.

Silliest boy ever!

Swim lessons.

Yay Connor!

Cora Grace

Miss Cora just passed the 18 month mark.  She is a little girl now!  She is saying so many words, has such a little personality, loves her brother so much but can also hold her own with him!  She is running all over the place now, loves babies, dogs, her blankie and her juice.  Here she is! .... 

How did that happen?  I knew she had long lashes, but wow!

She is definitely in the messy eater stage!

Oh boy...

She likes to put things on her head... hats, headbands, necklaces...such a girl;)

Too cute:)

So pretty;)

Winter Hike

It was the first nice day in a loooong time so we took advantage of it and went for a hike in the Monument.  That waterfall we hike to was stunning to see frozen!

Chris and the kids.

Happy hikers:)

Our destination!

Sledding at Old Powderhorn

Chris's mom came for a visit in January and we took her up on the Mesa to go sledding with the kids.  It was a perfect winter day in Colorado.  We ended up playing in the snow more than sledding but it was still a good time:) 

The boys.
Little snow baby taking a rest.

Chris giving it a run!

Chris and Grammy pulling the kids.

Daddy and his little girl:)

Mommy and Cora


Friday, December 31, 2010

Parade Of Lights

Happy Holidays!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking ahead to a blessed New Year in 2011.  I wanted to start the year right in my blog world and be all caught up through December for a fresh start tomorrow:)  We had a crazy-busy month as usual.  We stayed home for Christmas this year and it was just perfect for this time in our lives.  Not worrying about traveling and road conditions, or the kids sleeping in unfamiliar beds, but the best was watching them wake up in their own house to see what Santa brought them.  Connor was especially a joy this year as he has really grasped the concept of Santa and all the Christmas happenings.  It was so fun with him!  So here goes... December with the Ellis Family!

The Christmas season started off with the Parade of Lights the first weekend in December.  It was not nearly as cold as last year, so that was nice. 

Cora staying warm

Connor Lee enjoying the show.

Of course, Connor's fave was the snowmobiling float:)

Go Nuggets!!

Chris and Connor have started the tradition of going to a Nuggets game each winter with our friend Matt and his twin girls, Carli and Jillian.  Looks to me like they had a pretty fun time!

Connor and Daddy

Matt and the kiddos.  Yay for cotton candy!!

Ha ha!

Connor checking his stats against the "Bird Man"

And the cutest hockey player I've ever seen:)

Happy boy!