Thursday, May 28, 2009

Connor's Two-Year Pictures!

We wanted to get some nice, updated
pictures of Connor since he just turned
two, so I asked a girl from my MOPS group,
Darcy, who has a photography business, to
take them. We were blown away with the
results and will never be visiting "Kiddie
Kandids" at the mall again!! Here's the link
and directions if you'd like too see them too:)

Click on "galleries"
Click on "children"
Click on "Ellis'"
Then you can scroll through them! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picnic Time

We took our dinner up to the Colorado National
Monument on Sunday night for a little picnic. It
was a nice evening and Connor enjoyed playing
in the sand:)

Connor and Daddy

Our family

Silly Connor!

More Connor

Kite Day!

After Chris's run we went to "Kite Day" at the park.
Connor got a free kite and ice cream bar. Fun!

Here he is with his kite

Daddy helping Connor fly the kite. (Chris is in
the red to the left, Connor's in the center pulling
the kite)

There was even a fire truck for Connor to drive!

Run Chris, Run!

Chris decided to run in a 10k that was going on
in Palisade 2 weekends ago. He finished in much
better time than he had hoped for and we are really
proud of him for giving it a go. Maybe a 1/2 marathon
will be next??

The only picture I got was of him coming in to
the finish. Yay!!!


Connor and I get together with a really great group
of Mommy's and kiddo's every week to play. Here
is Connor with some of his friends enjoying a popsicle!

It's hard to get 5 kids to smile at one time:)

Connor playin'


We went on a little hike a couple weekends ago to
to a place called Micah Mine. It went through a really
pretty little canyon. Connor is not too fond of the hiking
pack anymore and wanted to walk. We let him start off
walking on the way back and he made it the whole way
home! He's definitely a little mover:)

Connor and Daddy

At the mine.

Getting a lift over the stream.

Mommy and Connor

The last climb up to the car. Good job Connor!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So, in life it's all about who you know, right??
Well, at least it was for us today. The mother
of a girl that Chris works with happens to be
an ultrasound tech at the hospital here in town,
and with a little persistence and string pulling
from my sweet hubby, we got in another quick
ultrasound today!

At first, there was some uncertainty because
of a little foot still hiding the view, but, low and behold....
we are having a baby GIRL!!! We are super
excited to know that Connor is going to have a little
sister, and I finally get to shop in the always-so-much-
cuter girl sections!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day :o)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Baby Ellis

Here are the ultrasound pictures of our tiny little
angel. So amazing! By the way, if anyone sees
"something" that the ultrasound tech may have
missed, call us immediately:)

Baby's first photo

Tiny foot

Face and arm (baby is laying on it's left side, arm
above head)


A little leg (foot on left side)

19 week belly:)

Little Michaelangelo

My parents ordered Connor this art easel for his
birthday and we were finally able to pick it up last
week. Uncle Austin got him a big kit with all the
supplies he'll need to make some beautiful creations:)
Thanks guys!

Little artist at work...

And the finished product!

Spring Planting

In the spirit of spring, we got some flowers last weekend
to plant around the house. We even decided to give a
tomato plant a try... we'll see if we can get it to bear any
fruit:) Connor was a good helper and likes to water the
plants with his own little watering can.

Mommy and Connor planting.

Connor (was watering the tomato plant)

Helping out the irises


We headed out to the Robert's Ranch Antique Tractor
Show in Mack, CO last weekend to look at the tractors
and watch the "tractor pull". Yes, we live that close to
farm-ville :) Connor of course loved it.

A really neat collection of little antique ride-on

Connor getting a turn.

Getting the run down on how this tractor works:)