Friday, December 31, 2010

Parade Of Lights

Happy Holidays!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking ahead to a blessed New Year in 2011.  I wanted to start the year right in my blog world and be all caught up through December for a fresh start tomorrow:)  We had a crazy-busy month as usual.  We stayed home for Christmas this year and it was just perfect for this time in our lives.  Not worrying about traveling and road conditions, or the kids sleeping in unfamiliar beds, but the best was watching them wake up in their own house to see what Santa brought them.  Connor was especially a joy this year as he has really grasped the concept of Santa and all the Christmas happenings.  It was so fun with him!  So here goes... December with the Ellis Family!

The Christmas season started off with the Parade of Lights the first weekend in December.  It was not nearly as cold as last year, so that was nice. 

Cora staying warm

Connor Lee enjoying the show.

Of course, Connor's fave was the snowmobiling float:)

Go Nuggets!!

Chris and Connor have started the tradition of going to a Nuggets game each winter with our friend Matt and his twin girls, Carli and Jillian.  Looks to me like they had a pretty fun time!

Connor and Daddy

Matt and the kiddos.  Yay for cotton candy!!

Ha ha!

Connor checking his stats against the "Bird Man"

And the cutest hockey player I've ever seen:)

Happy boy!

Clark Christmas

Since we were staying home for Christmas, my parents came out a couple weekends before to celebrate with us.  It was fun to have them and everyone got an early dose of presents:)

Papa and Cora reading about dragons.  Our house is pretty much filled with stuff from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" as that is Connor's latest obsession.

My little Christmas babies!

The much anticipated Pillow Pet!!

Cora got one too.  They are so snuggly!

Connor helping Papa put together Cora's new rocking chair.

Love you Mom and Dad!  Thanks again for everything!!

Little Sprout Christmas Program

When I heard Connor's class was going to do a Christmas Program, I was just tickled because I thought a group of three-year olds singing Christmas songs had to be one of the cutest things in the world.  We knew Connor was practicing at school, but he wouldn't share any of the songs with us, and he told us he would rather sit down on stage than sing with everyone.  He also confessed that he got in trouble for taking his "robe" off.  So we weren't sure what to expect when the big day arrived.  Well, it was indeed one of the cutest things in the world, and Connor did so AMAZINGLY well up there.  He mostly just stood quietly in his back-row spot, but we were just grateful he wasn't causing any sort of distraction or messing around like some of the kids, flipping their robes over their heads and such:)  We were so   proud of him and it was such a joy to watch all those little cuties up there!

Connor, last in line in the red, taking his spot.

Handsome boy in the back:)

Shakin' that jingle bell!

Proud parents with Connor after the show ;)

Visit With Santa

We had another fun "Santa Party" this year with a group of my friends.  The kids got to talk to Santa, but I did not get a decent picture.  Luckily, my friend Amy, got a "winner" (if I can even call it that!)  Connor did very well with Santa, but Cora screamed her head off, face down in her blankie while he held her. 

Cora before....
...on a rocking horse, happy, Santa's in the background:)

                                                                                 And after...
Merry Christmas!!!!

Miss Cora

Here are a few shots of life with Cora:)

This is pretty typical.  She's definitely our little monkey!

Enjoying some light reading.

Snuggly girl, slowing down for JUST a minute:)

Christmas Eve

We went to church Christmas Eve and then came home, had pizza for dinner and made cookies for Santa!  Here we are before church...

Take one...

Take two...much better!

And our little family.

Mommy and Cora after church:)

Decorating Christmas cookies!

Mmmmm.... I think Santa will like these:)

Christmas Day 2010!

As I said, we had a lovely Christmas at home this year.  We had our friends, the Stock's, over for Christmas dinner, so we were in good company.  Our day was very relaxing and we are so thankful for the many blessings and friendship we had that day. 

Cora getting into her gifts.

This pretty much sums up Connor's Christmas...

Dragons, dragons, and more dragons!  He was a happy boy though!

An unfortunate incident with Cora and a chair.  She just kind of laid there in shock!

Later in the day, enjoying her chair the right way ;)

Merry Christmas!

Snow Day

We FINALLY got some snow yesterday and the kids were so excited to get out in play in it!

Here's Cora, ready for her first REAL experience in the snow:)

Mmmm... snow tastes good!

Snow angel.

Happy kids!

Cutest snow bunny EVER!

Dump truckin' it!

Cora Grace

Connor Lee