Sunday, August 31, 2008


I labeled this post semi-camping because
we were supposed to spend the weekend
camping with my brother and Laura, but
only ended up staying for the day. The two
nights before we were set to leave, Chris and
I were up MULTIPLE times with a screaming
baby. We determined Connor was cutting his
last molar, leaving him restless and cranky
with a very stuffy/runny nose. Regardless,
we decided to give it a try and headed out
Saturday morning. Connor was fine during the
day, we could still tell he wasn't feeling his best,
but he was a trooper anyways. We ended up
having a great time hanging out and riding quads,
but just couldn't fathom a night like the two
previous, trapped in a tent in 40 degree weather.
So we opted to head home. By the way, we had
set up our tent and everything else "just in case"
we wanted to stay, and then had to tear it all down
again to leave. Chris said he didn't think he'd ever
set up and torn down a whole camp site in the same
day! I doubt many people have:) Oh well, like I
said it was a fun day, worth all the hassel. And
thank you to Austin and Laura for being so
understanding of our cranky little guy. We had
a blast with you guys!
Here's some memories:

Chris and Connor playin'

Connor's first quad experience with uncle Austin.
We could not peel Connor away from the quads
the whole time we were there. When we first
started them up he wasn't so sure about it, but
once they got moving he was a happy boy:)

Connor and Laura playing washers

Getting ready to ride

Loaded up with Daddy

Laura, Chris and Austin taking a break

Booger nose mixed with dirt- gross!

We had a long, fun ride, and Connor actually slept
in the pack most of the time! If you look closely
in this picture there is a whole herd of sheep on
the mountain behind us.

Go Mavericks!

Last Thursday we decided to go support our
alma-mater at the Mesa State football team's
home opener. We saw lot's of old friends and
Connor mostly enjoyed running around behind
the end-zone bleachers. It was a little hard to
focus on the game, but still fun to be there!

Trying to get a better view:)

Connor and Mommy at the game.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm A Blogger!!

I always check and read my friends blogs and finish, just amazed, at how "tech-savy" everyone seems to be. I had no idea how they got those pictures on there, not to mention videos, links, recipes, music, polls, and so many more cool things. I'll admit, I was a bit envious because I wanted to be able to share my families life in such a neat way. I can't even figure out how to e-mail a photo, so how am I supposed to do all of that "blogging" stuff!??

Well today, with the help and encouragement of my wonderful, patient husband I'm taking the plunge. I will figure out how to "post". I will figure out how to download, and label, and share, and tag, and all of those fun things. So far, so good ;)

And thank you to all of you who keep a blog/website. We love looking at them and it makes us feel so much closer to everyone we don't get to see anymore. You all have beautiful, blessed families, thanks for sharing them with us. We hope you enjoy the Ellis blog!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

We got the bubble machine out the other
night and Connor was just fascinated by them.
It's the simple things, I guess:)

Tryin' to figure these things out!

Swimmin' With Grandma

Connor and I met my Mom at the Glenwood
Springs Hot Spring Pool for a day of fun in the
sun! It was a beautiful day, and Connor,
although still a bit nervous in the water, loved
cruising around in his new "jet ski" floater.
Here he is with "Mee-maw".

Such A Boy

Connor is sooo into tractors, and trains, and
trucks these days. Anything that is big with
wheels and makes a loud noise he says "Wow,
Wow" in a serious "boy" voice. It is too cute
so I wanted to share some pics of him getting
to "drive" some of his favorites.
(Above in my Dad's Jeep)

In the S.W.A.T. truck down town

"Oh please can I ride this!"

A John Deere tractor on a friends ranch.


My Grandpa got Connor this new
little playset that he has been
enjoying, pretty much every morning,
right after breakfast. He'll just stand
by the back door and say "Weee!
Weee!" Of course, I can't resist
such cuteness and out we go. We
are just thrilled he has something
that he is actually supposed to climb
on now. What fun. Thanks Great
Grandpa Budd!

And down he goes. Always saying

All done!