Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving In Evergreen

Well, blogging has definitely taken a backseat
these days, so I'll do my best to catch up. All
is well here at the Ellis house, Cora is getting
soooo big. She was 15 lbs. 4 oz. at her 2 month
check up! She is smiling all the time and we
are just so grateful to have her. Connor is busy
as always. We've been doing lots of "Christmas"
things with him this year because he can really enjoy
and understand so much more than previous years.
We spent Thanksgiving in Evergreen/Denver with
my family and plan to head to Phoenix to be with
Chris's family for Christmas. Here are some of
the moments we've captured from our busy Holiday

Connor on the Mule with my parents

His very own Christmas tree

Checkin' out the snow

At the cabin with my Dad, his Papa:)

Cora dressing for cold weather

Meeting Great Grandpa Budd for the first time

Connor and Mommy with Great Grandpa Paul on

With Mom and Dad on Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We got over a foot of snow this week. The boys had
to get to work!!

Cora Grace


We went to the Parade of Lights with our friends the
Stocks. Here's me and Nicole. Cora too, she's snuggled
in my jacket:)

Connor and Ella. Too cute.

Ready for Christmas!

Making cookies. Enough sprinkles there??!

We hiked up to the big Arch in Moab with
Connor's friend Nick and his Mom, Stacie.
It was a beautiful day and I definitely got the
easy load...

At the top

Our family

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Here's Cora in a cute little outfit and also our visit
with Santa.

So snuggly!

Connor would not sit on his lap or talk to him, but this
is better than the last two years where he is crying in
his picture:) Santa is going to bring Connor a "surprise"
since Connor would not tell him what he wanted.

He did get a book and a candy cane from Santa

Cora and Connor with Santa

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a great Halloween, dinner and Trick-or-
Treating with some friends. Connor was really
into it this year and it was so fun to watch him
enjoy it.

Our family.

Dr. Connor and his friends, Ella and Haley. They
were all sooo adorable!

Cora Grace on Halloween:)

A New Playset

Grammy and Grandpa Ellis got Connor
and Cora this early Christmas present.
Chris (along with help from friends and
Uncle Austin) worked VERY hard to get
it all put together. Connor loves it. Thanks
again Grammy and Grandpa!!!


Helpin' Dad

Has It Been Six Weeks Already?!!

So, it has been pretty crazy around our house for
the past six weeks or so! We are enjoying our new
precious angel, still not getting much sleep, and gearing
up for the holidays. Cora is almost 6 weeks old, hard
to believe. She is growing like a weed and has so far
kept all her thick black hair:) Connor is doing great
with her. He gives her snuggles and kisses all the time
and tries to help sooth her with her binky or a blankey
when she's fussing. We have so many pictures of this
last month, so I tried to narrow it down a little with
some of the main happenings...

The first snow...

Cora at one month old...

We had the kids dedicated at our church and our
parents and my Grandpa were able to be there.
This is Grandpa trying to reign in Connor for a
picture... not much luck with this crazy kid!

A little more mellow baby sister...

All of us at the church.

Cora and Connor snuggling.

Connor getting some special Daddy time doing a
project at Home Depot.

Connor brought Cora some of his favorite
things to comfort her. I love the look on her face.

Reading a story to his baby sister:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh Belly!

So here I am at 36 weeks... everything
is going well with the baby, I am just getting
very uncomfortable at this point:) I am
hoping to get the nursery finished this
weekend while Chris and Connor are in
Phoenix. We are so excited to meet her and,
yes I am counting down the days!!

My Best Friend's Wedding

My very good friend from childhood, Corinna got
married last weekend! I had the privilege of
being her Matron of Honor. It was a beautiful,
country wedding out at the Botanic Gardens at
Chatfield (Denver area). She was gorgeous and
I am so very happy for her and her new Hubby,
Dave. Chris got a few pics of the ceremony...

Corinna and Dave saying "I Do"

Dave surprised her with a new colt for her gift, and
it carried the rings down the aisle... so precious!


We have been going out to the Fruita Rimrock Rodeo
on Tuesday evenings and a couple weeks ago they had
the Golden Nights (ARMY parachute team) land right
in the arena. It was very impressive and Connor still
talks about the parachutes:)

Coming in for a landing.

Double decker... Wow!

We also like the bull riding. Connor wasn't so sure
about it at first because he didn't like to see the guys
"falling down", but we assured him that they are ok
and it's all in good fun. Now he yells "Hold tight
Cowboy!!" Look closely in this picture and you can see
the bull trying to climb out of the pen! Silly!


Watching the horses.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Connor's Favorite Things In The World

Connor loves to go look at the tractors when we
go to my Mom and Dad's house. Here he is in
his element...

With Papa and the excavator.


In the big bucket!

Driving the loader.

Getting lessons from the expert.