Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Ellis #2.....

Today, the day we've been waiting for, is
it a he or a she? The truth will reveal itself...
or NOT! That's right, baby Ellis was not
feeling very revealing today, so our little mystery
is still just that. We still don't know if we're having
a boy or a girl! Those little legs just stayed
tightly crossed the whole time!

We were quite disappointed because we've
been anticipating this day, BUT, praising
GOD that all of the other important checks
(brain, heart, spine, arms and legs) looked
perfect. The baby is healthy and whole,
just a little modest:)

They said most people in this situation wait
until 28 weeks when you can have a 4D
ultrasound performed to have a better chance
of determining the gender. I'm 19 weeks now.
So again, we wait... I'll get some of the
ultrasound pics and a belly pic up in the next
couple of days. That's all for now!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connor's Puppies

Connor has three little doggies that he just loves
to play with and cuddle. There's Naya (black), named
after my parents dog; "Miney" (tan), named after my
Aunt's dog Hermoiney (sp? from Harry Potter); and
Lucky (dalmatian), from the name on his tag. One
time I wrapped one up in Connor's blankey and he
just loved it. Now he asks me to do it often and he
snuggles and kisses them and puts them to sleep! It's
just too cute and shows the softer side of our wild little

Wrapping up Miney

Night-night doggies!

Every body's sleeping!

Learning About Nature!

While in Evergreen, we went to the Lookout Mountain
Nature Conservatory with my Mom. It was a GREAT
facility with some beautiful exhibits. I would highly
recommend a visit to those of you in the Denver area,
with or without kids:)

Lifting little doors

What's in there??

Pushing buttons

My Mom, Connor and Me:)

Posing out front

Birthday With The Clark's

We went over to Evergreen for Easter and also
had a little celebration for Connor's B-day with
my family.

Getting his cake

Uncle Austin helped blow out the candle. They do
share a Birthday after all!

His Bob the Builder card from Mee-ma and Pa-pa.

A new puzzle!

Great Grandpa Paul got Connor a little John Deere
hat- so cute!

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to a little Easter egg hunt on Connor's
birthday. Our town is pretty small, so I didn't
expect a lot of people to be there. Well, I pull up to
the fields and see HUNDREDS of people waiting.
I get Connor out of the car and the wind is blowing
so hard we can barely walk. As we are about half way
across the parking lot, I hear them blow the horn for
the hunt to start! We were at least ten minutes early,
so I was totally caught off guard and had to swoop
Connor up and start running. We get there, his little
age group "area" is totally packed, and there are no
eggs to be seen. I pushed towards the back and we found
just TWO eggs on the ground. As I'm yelling to Connor "Hurry!
Grab the eggs!!" Chris finds us (he met us there) and
got a quick picture. The whole thing was over in about 60
seconds, but Connor still had fun and was so happy to have a
basket of eggs. There was a nice little boy who shared some
of his eggs with Connor:) At least we did it, right??!

Findin' eggs

Look Dad!

Mommy and Connor

The three of us after "The Hunt"!

Watching baseball afterwards

Train Table!

Chris finished Connor's train table just in time for
his birthday. Connor was super excited to wake up
and find it all set up in the living room! Chris did a
great job as this was his first real "wood-working"

Trying it out for the first time!

Ready to go

Monday, April 6, 2009

Connor Turns Two!!!

Well, technically his Birthday is Wednesday, but
we had his little party over the weekend. It was
a Bob the Builder party and we had lots of fun. Thanks
to all the friends and family (Chris's mom flew up
from Phoenix) who helped us celebrate!

Okay, so here is the cake Chris's mom, Karen,
MADE for Connor! Can you say A-MA-ZING?!!
Connor knew exactly who it was, thanks Grammy,
aka: "Hammy" as Connor says:)

Waiting for friends to arrive

Ella and Connor

Action shot with his new T-Ball from Uncle Scott

Mommy showing Connor how to putt. Not sure
I'm right for this job...
Blowing out his candle

Birthday Boy
Cake time!

Baby Update

We had another appointment last Thursday and
everything checked out great. All my blood work
looked fine, heard the heartbeat, and most exciting...
we find out what we're having on April 30th!! We'll
let you know....


We braved Chuck-E-Cheese's with Nick and his
parents. It's a crazy place, but ended up being
pretty fun:)

Nick and Connor

Daddy and Connor playing air hockey. Chris was trying
NOT to score, but most of the time Connor would knock
it into his own goal:)