Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa Paul

We were so thrilled to be able to celebrate my Grandpa's 85th Birthday with him this past weekend. He is an amazing man so full of life and positivity. He is fun and loves a good party. The highlight of the day was his most recent acquisition, a golf cart. Everyone got to ride around and the kids especially loved it. We enjoyed our time with you Grandpa!!! Happy 85th!

Grandpa and June out for a spin.

Opening gifts and cards.

Connor had some cake... can you tell?

Connor and his cousins, Angelina and Santiago

My Mom and the kids looking at the chickens

Me and Cora Grace:)

The Aquarium

While in Denver, Chris was Super Dad and took the kids to the Downtown Aquarium so I could get a hair cut and go look at wedding dresses with Laura (yay!) He did great with them and they had a blast looking at all the sea life. I was sad to miss it!

This is actually at the end of their visit:)

Out front

See Connor in the helmet??

What's in there?!

Connor and the fishes!

In the underwater tunnel

The sharks were Connor's favorite. Happy Day!!

My Newest Project

A lot of you have seen this on Facebook already, but if not, check out my other blog that I recently started!


River Walk

We walked down part of the Colorado River Walk Trail after dinner the other night. Connor has been watching a recording of the X Games with the guys doing tricks on skateboards and dirtbikes. He loves it and out of the blue we caught him trying a trick on his own bike. Yikes!!

Tricky Connor!

Our fam with the Colorado River behind us

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Connor's First Day of Preschool (Twice)

Connor has been so excited about finally getting to go to school. We pass his school all the time and he always asks me if he can go to school yet. The day was finally right around the corner, and what do you know, Sunday night, he starts with the runny nose. We could not believe it. And he DID miss his very first day of school. So sad:(

Needless to say, he is feeling better and got to go today. When Chris and I dropped him off, he did not care about anything we had to say, or that we were telling him we'd miss him and be back soon, he just wanted to go play. When I picked him up, his teacher said he did great and Connor told me he wanted to stay there all day. I am so happy he loves it and I know he will get to do so many fun things there. I did miss him though, and it is hard for us to realize that our little guy is really growing up.

Here is Connor on his "real" first day of school, trying to rest and get better.

Here he is today before school.

And Connor and Mom at his school, Little Sprout.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What IS That???

I just had to add this to my "You know you're a Mom when..." file. Connor fell asleep in the car today and I carried him into bed when we got home. A little while later I felt something touching the back of my arm and realized his sucker was stuck to the back of my shirt! It had been there for a good 3o minutes too! At least we weren't in public:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Silly Faces

For your enjoyment:)

Cora and Her Daddy

Just a few shots of Chris playing with Cora one evening last week....

Sweet Find

Someone put this Kettcar out front of their house with a "free" sign on it. I remembered having fun on one as a kid and we decided to grab it (along with yet ANOTHER giant plastic slide for our backyard...but that's another story). It was a little busted up on the bottom, but after Chris tinkered with it and got a new chain for it, it works just fine. Connor loves his new "go-cart".

Check this out!

Ready to ride.

See ya Connor!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just HAD to post these pictures that my dad got of a storm
that blew through over their house while we were up there.
The winds were incredible and the sky was surreal. My Mom
heard the next day that someone spotted a funnel cloud! Crazy!
This rainbow was at the end of it all... a red rainbow?! We could
not believe it.

So amazing.

Looking out West.

Beautiful clouds.


A Week Away

The kids and I were able to go and spend some time
with my family last week while Chris was busy working,
hiking Mt. Sneffles in Ouray, and going on a Men's retreat
by Lake City with my dad and his church. We really missed him!

We made it to the Denver Zoo, which was a blast, but I didn't have my
camera:( My Mom and I also went up to Grand Lake, which
is only an hour from their house. It was so pretty and we
are hoping to spend some more time there some day. She had
her camera so I grabbed a few pictures from it.

The flowers... everywhere, so pretty.

Cora swinging

Grand Lake!

Cora an her Meema.

Connor figuring out where we needed to be:)

Not too sure about the grass.

Playing in the sand. Cora just mainly tried to sneak
handfuls into her mouth.


Here's my first attempt of a video upload. Cora

getting a ride on Connor's quad while he was napping.

What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? ;-)


We went bowling last week and it was Connor's first
time. He of course loved it and we can't wait to take
him again.

With the ramp...

without the ramp!

Silly face:)

My Boys

On our actual anniversary we took the kids to Red Robin,
I know, so romantic, and then got ice cream at Sonic and
went to the park. It was a perfect evening and Chris and
Connor played for a long time in the sand.

Connor running and jumping on Chris!

Crashing into the sand!

Connor's sand angel.

Taking a rest.

Love them!

Our Anniversary!

Chris and I can hardly believe we have been married for
seven years! It has gone so fast and we are so grateful for
the life we now share. We decided to take a day trip up to
Aspen and the beautiful Maroon Bells. It was a gorgeous
day and the scenery is just amazing.

Cora sipping on my smoothie:)

Our family, seven years (well 10 years all together)
in the making!

Connor Lee with the "Bells" in the background.