Monday, September 29, 2008

Connor's Big Boo-Boo

So, Friday night we were getting ready to head out
to our towns Fall Festival. Connor and I were getting
ready in the bathroom. He slipped/tripped on the rug
right behind me, fell, and was crying. At first I thought
it was just another one of his MANY falls, but after a few
seconds, I knew there was something else going on. Chris
called one of the doctors he works with, and he said he'd
be over to look at him soon. While we were waiting, we
got Connor settled down and gave him some Motrin, but
he still would not put any weight on his leg. When Dr.
Mitch called again, we told him that, and he said to just
meet him at the the hospital for an x-ray. So we did, and
much to our disbelief, Connor had a BROKEN LEG!!!! He
had fractured his tibia (shin bone) about 1/3 of the way
up from his ankle. We were in total shock. We took him
to the clinic and Dr. Mitch put a full leg, yes full leg, cast
on him. He'll have to wear that for about 3 weeks and then
a cast up to his knee for 2-3 more weeks. POOR GUY!!! For
an extremely active 18 month old, this has got to be so
frustrating to him. He has been such a trooper through it
all, and his spirits are not down at all. He's figuring out how
to get around a little by crawling and just sort of dragging it
along. It is very sad:( So please keep Connor in your prayers
and believe for a speedy recovery. We'll keep you updated:)

On the way home from the hospital.

The Air Show

We headed out to the Western Colorado Air Show this
weekend, and even though it was a bit hot, it was still
a lot of fun. Austin and Laura came over for the weekend,
so they got to come with us. Connor enjoyed the planes
and other ARMY trucks that were there. He didn't even
mind the loudness of it all:) Our favorite part was of course
the Blue Angels! They were AMAZING!

Connor stretching his leg(s)

Four of the Blue Angels. The fly within 18 inches
of eachother... WOW!

Austin and Laura and the Blue Angels in the background.

The three of us:)

Mommy and Connor Lee

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Whirlwind Week...

Our crazy week included a wedding, hotel stay, a new
baby, airplane rides with an 18 month old, well, you get
the picture! Let me just start from the beginning:) Two
weeks ago we set off on quite the adventure. We left
our house Friday as soon as Chris got off work, and drove
to my parent's house in Evergreen. My cousin was getting
married the next day in Denver. The wedding was amazing
and tons of fun. We decided that since we would be in Denver
we would just fly to Phoenix from there (we thought it would
be cheaper than driving, it wasn't, I'll explain later) to meet
OUR NEW NIECE!!!! Chris's sister Heather and her hubby
Anthony welcomed a new baby girl into the family on
August 30th. More on her to come:) After a very busy,
fun-filled week with Chris's fam, we flew back to Denver,
stayed the night, and then drove home the next day (Sunday).
It was so great to see family and friends that we've been
missing, but it was also nice to finally be home.

So, I'll start here with the wedding and see how far I can get
before Connor wakes up:)

Chris chasing Connor around before the wedding.
This also continued during the wedding. Thanks Daddy!

My cousin Luke and his beautiful bride Kathryn.

Congratulations you guys!!! Luke and Kathryn
had a beautiful, laid back, outdoor wedding at
Denver's City Park. They said their own vows
(so sweet) and as you can see from the picture,
the setting sun rays were INCREDIBLE in the

My Mom and Dad looking snazzy:)

Connor watching the fountain on the lake.

Handsomest Boy!!!

The three of us after the ceremony.

My brothers doing an AWESOME job at karaoke.
It was a great reception too. Need I say more??

Who Was That?

I almost forgot, after my cousin's wedding, we were
heading back up the elevator to our room and we sort of
got in the middle of a conversation with this guy and a
few other people. Right before our stop, Chris says to
him: "Mind if I get a picture of you with my wife?" The
guy was like "Oh sure!" Now, at the time I had no
clue he was anyone famous (most of you probably don't
either) but I knew when Chris said that, he must have
known something I didn't, so I happily stepped in.
Apparently, this is Hal Sparks. He is a comedian from
VH1 and he's in a bunch of movies. Funny huh? :)

Samantha Marie!!!

The main attraction of our visit to Phoenix was this
brand-new, teeny-tiny, precious little baby girl! Our
first niece and Connor's first cousin was born on August
30th. It was so hard waiting those two weeks before we
were able to meet her! Once we did, we (ok, I) could not
get enough of her! She is so small and snuggly, with a
head full of black hair. Her Mom and Dad seem to be
adjusting perfectly, and Sam is definitely a good, happy
baby. We are so happy for them and welcome them
into this parenting adventure! Congrats again Heather
and Romy! We love you all.

Proud new Uncle.

Ready to go out.

Snoozin' on Chris.

Wide awake.

Stretching those very long legs!

All bundled.

More From Phoenix...

Along with little Samantha, the rest of our trip to Phoenix
was wonderful. The plane rides went smoothly, Connor
slept the whole time, both ways!! We were so prepared
with the dvd player, special toys, snacks, etc. and we didn't
have to resort to any of them. Waiting at the airport was
a little different story. I'll just say that Chris and I took turns
running back and forth on the people mover with Connor
more times than we could count. Connor thought it was so fun
and I guess he wore himself out for the flight, which made it
well worth it! We did decide that we won't be flying again for
a long time. Not because of Connor, but because the airlines
(most) now charge you (a lot) for any checked baggage and you
have to pay for drinks on the flight. Crazy and very disappointing.

We stayed with Chris's parents which worked out great.
Here's a little run-down of our week, starting with the
Diamondback's game Grandma Karen took us to. It's nice to
be related to a season ticket holder!! Thanks Grammy!

Karen walking Connor down to her seats.

Playing in the kid zone.

A little help from Aunt Heather.

Connor and Daddy with Randy Johnson... sort of.


We were there for my birthday and I couldn't have
asked for a better day. Connor slept in late, Karen took
me on a shopping spree at the mall, I ate Paradise Bakery
for lunch, spent time with my family, and ended with a
yummy dinner at The Maccaroni Grill. Thanks everyone!

Connor at Maccaroni Grill.

Connor and Mommy.

Connor and Uncle Scott.


I was able to catch a playdate with my old Mom's
group to the new Children's Museum. It was very
impressive and Connor had a blast playing, and I guess
some "learning" was involved:)

Playing cashier.

Connor's sand hand print.

"Dancing" with his friends on the stage.


Taking a break.


We took Connor to Peter Piper Pizza for the first time.
Obviously he had a great time:)

Loving the firetruck.

The gang, minus me:)

Racing with Daddy.

So cute:)


Karen got this little rocking moose that Connor loved
playing on. Here are some pics of him having a blast.

That's a wrap!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We met my Mom in Glenwood again this
week and they have a little train station there.
Since Connor is so in love with trains right
now, I thought it would be fun to go and wait for
one to come by. Of course, the train was behind
schedule and we had to wait well over an hour,
but when it finally did roll in, the look on Connor's
face was so worth it! He heard the whistle, and
then saw the train, and I think he was just in awe!
It was such a fun experience for him (and me!).

Watching it come into the station.


The lady let us step on for a minute to
get a picture.

Connor and Mommy by the train.

Bye Bye Choo-choo!!


The weather was kind of yucky the other day, so
we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.
Connor LOVED it and was trying so hard to feed
himself the soup with a spoon. It resulted in a huge
mess but we were proud of him for trying:)