Tuesday, July 28, 2009

31 Week Belly

Just wanted to throw this picture in too. My belly
is BIG. I am almost 32 weeks along and all is well
with baby girl. We know she will be here so soon
and just can't wait to meet her!

Family Time!!

Chris's sister, Heather, and her husband and daughter,
Anthony and Samantha were able to come visit us for
a couple of days. It was so much fun to see them and
to get the kiddos together. We miss them already:)
Our town has a concert in the park every Thursday
night, so that's where we started our fun times with them.

Sam and Connor hanging out at the park.

Connor on a really big bike.

Then next day, Chris and Anthony took the kids to
hike Hanging Lake. Here they are getting ready.

Ready to go!

Sam's first touch of cold mountain lake water:)

Back at our house... pretty girl!

The Last Day

The Dinosaur Museum here in Fruita was having
dollar day, so we were able to let the kids enjoy that
before heading up to the Colorado National Monument.

Samantha, Heather, Chris and Connor

Sam looking at the fish.

Connor getting his first tattoo:)

A headless triceratops!!


Crazy Daddy and Uncle Romy...

Our little family.

Anthony, Sam, Connor and Chris

Ending the day with some pool time.

Cool sharks Chris... I mean, Connor!!

Guy Time

My Dad and Chris were able to go on a camping trip
together on the Flat Tops, by Glenwood Springs, CO.
I think they had a really great time, and from the
pictures, I'm sad I missed out:)

Dad looking over the map.

What a view!

The Happy Campers


Go Christopher!!

I'm glad that water wasn't even an inch higher:)


Chris making breakfast.

Snowball toss

Proud Papa!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Time

We went to the wedding of one of Chris's teammates
from Mesa State. It was a beautiful wedding and we got
to see and catch up with TONS of old friends from

Chris and the groom, Dutch.

Some more good friends/teammates, Russ and

Chris and me :)

Daddy Time

Chris took Connor to Kidz Plex which has a big play
area for Connor to go wild in :) Connor obviously
LOVES it there!



and the zip line!!


There were about three weeks in July when
Chris was helping out as a ref at the basketball
camps here at Mesa State, and we did not get to
see him very often. So, one of those weeks, Connor
and I headed over to Evergreen to hang out with
my family.

We went to the lake with my Mom and
Laura for a walk and then lunch. Here's
Connor climbing on a statue. Don't worry,
it's made for that:)

Connor in front of the lake house where Chris and
I got married 6 years ago this month!!

Looking at the ducks

Marker monster!

Night Vision

We went to a Christian music festival called Night
Vision down in Olathe on the Fourth of July. It was
pretty good besides the heat and the fact that the one
act, Jeremy Camp, that we really wanted to see didn't
start until 10 pm and then got rained out after 3 songs!
We made the best of it though and Connor enjoyed all
the music.

Connor and Daddy

Connor and Mommy

Clapping to the music, best seat in the house:)

Mmmmm, water!

Connor Lee, down and out! A rare snuggle opportunity
for Mommy:)