Sunday, March 28, 2010

Waiting For Spring

I think it is safe to say that we are all pretty antsy for
this warm weather to get here and STAY here. The kids,
as usual, are growing faster than we can keep up with!

Cora just passed the six month mark. She is over 20 lbs.,
almost sitting up and still bringing such sweet joy to our lives.
She loves watching Connor run around and laughs the hardest at
him. She is eating baby cereal every now and then, and is
obsessed with grabbing her toes. She is also always rolling onto
her belly, but then gets mad because she gets stuck like that:)

Connor is about to turn 3! He is ALWAYS running. Always.
He is always talking too. Sometimes he has so much to say and
is talking so fast, that his words get all jumbled. So he stops, puts his finger
to his temple, (like he's really thinking) and just says "Hmmmmm..."
with a very serious look on his face. He'll usually get his
thoughts gathered and re-try:) He has also been wanting to dress
himself every day, which would seem to be a helpful thing, but not
so much when he comes out with every piece of clothing,
including his shoes, on backwards. At least he is making the effort
and doesn't mind when I turn everything around.

We ended February with the kids and I being pretty sick
for almost 2 weeks. It was not fun, and I know it was hard on
them, especially little Cora. Here she is on one of those days,
just snuggling with Mommy:(

All better, she put her Binky in by herself... can you tell?!

Chris took Connor to one of the Mesa State basketball
games. Go Mesa!

Sharing a hot dog! Mmmmm!

Cora's first try at cereal.

Dinosaur Hill

We went on a little hike at a place near our house
that has lots of Dinosaur fossils along the way.

Here we are taking a break

Mommy and Connor

At the top! The Colorado National Monument is
in the background.

Outside Time

We have had a handful of days that have been
warm enough to enjoy being out back. The kids
love it, I love it, we are hoping for many more
very soon:)

Cora swinging for the first time!

Connor Lee:)

Happy Girl!

The cutest little feet EVER!

Filling up his water table.

Showing me a rock from his "collection"

Grandpa Budd's 80th Birthday

We went over to Evergreen two weeks ago to
celebrate my Grandpa's 80th Birthday with him.
We got to see lots of family which is always nice.
Somehow we managed not to get a picture with Grandpa
(big ooops!) but here are a few others from the evening.

Cora and Mommy

My brother Brett, my Mom, the kids, and me

Cora, Connor and their Meema.

My boys:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Last weekend we went up to Steamboat Springs
with my family (minus Austin, who we missed a TON).
We all stay in a big condo together, eat lots of food, and just
enjoy eachother's company. It's great!

On the way up, Connor would not take off is helmet.
He was too excited for snowmobiling.

The coldest potty break ever:)

We celebrated Connor's B-Day while there. Here
we are making his cake.

The Birthday boy during the Happy Birthday Song.

Frosting off of the candle... mmmm!

Trying on Uncle Austin's helmet.

Loving on Laura

Swimming with Daddy! He loved it.

We took Connor sledding at one of the ski hills.

Daddy and Connor

I even got in on the action!

We tried out the playground, even though the equipment
was half buried in snow.

The last day, Connor finally got his turn on a snowmobile.
He was absolutely on cloud nine and even got to do the
throttle a little bit!

Connor and Daddy in one of the meadows.

Picture perfect everything!

Cora and I stayed behind with my Mom and Dad
and hung out in the beautiful mountain sun. Here
she is all snuggled up:)

Connor and Laura after the ride.